Rights and Responsibilities of Students

Every student of Sarada Vilas College has the right to
      be treated with respect by fellow students and staff
      pursue education in a stimulating academic atmosphere
      learn properly in a healthy environment
      have access to attendance and internal assessment marks
      use the library and network resource centre
      utilise facilities in the department of physical education
Every student of Sarada Vilas College should
      be punctual and regular to all classes
      take all tests and examinations without fail
      keep the campus clean
      treat all staff members and fellow students with respect
      return in time the books borrowed from the library/ department
      handle equipment in the laboratories carefully
      use sports materials properly
      behave in a highly responsible manner by
            not cheating any one in any way
            not damaging the College property
            not introducing virus into the computers of the College
Remember : Rights and responsibilities are like the two sides of the same coin.
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